Brew in the Zoo

by Adam Leibowitz, Mighty Squirrel Regional Sales Manager

Amidst the sounds of peacock calls and trouncing hyenas were some Mighty Squirrels…

What better place for a brew fest than the Franklin Park Zoo? Over at the Mighty Squirrel tent, attendees lined up in droves last Saturday. At times the rain fell hard and fast, but it couldn’t compete with the rate of Squirrel beer pouring from our faucets. To say the event was a success would be a gross understatement.

Perhaps my favorite moment of the day was when the sky opened up and the rain fell.  With about 30 people crammed under the shiny new Mighty Squirrel tent, it helped to reinforce one of our core values here Mighty Squirrel, community. Friends were made and smiles were contagious. Conversations ensued on everything from the hops in our beer, to giraffes and zebras. The falling rain became as important to the brew fest atmosphere as the beer itself.


It’s brew fests like these that reinforce my love for this industry. We are not simply pouring beer. We are pouring our story, our passion, and our philosophy.  These days, many brew fests revolve around conversation on balancing alpha and beta acids, and the proper glassware to serve a geuze in, but some brew fests are about having fun, the real reason we are in this business. Sometimes all it takes is some amazing people, a little weather, and some exotic animals to remind you how great this industry is.

Although there is no permanent Squirrel exhibit at the Franklin Park Zoom, we sure hope the yearly Mighty Squirrel display will continue for years to come.


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