Entrepreneur Games 2016

Boston is one of the technology and innovation hubs of today’s America.  Its technology, biotech, and other high growth industries are infused with a sense of community and cooperation.  Everyone is excited to see the growth all around them, and nothing makes this more apparent than the Entrepreneur Games.

The Entrepreneur Games are a yearly gathering of many companies, small and large, that come together and compete in an olympics style game.  It is the perfect event for Mighty Squirrel.  As an athletically inclined event it of course fits our company ethos, but it also mirrors our startup, entrepreneurially-minded nature.  As such we were more than happy to be the only beer on tap for the second year running.

For anyone that was at last year’s games, you are probably aware that we ran into some difficulties (to put it mildly).  It was our inaugural event as a company, and it definitely showed.  With the memory of last year fresh in our mind, we were determined to have this time go off without a hitch.

The team arrived to the games an hour early, kegs already delivered, and our tables already configured.  We hooked the kegs up, got our beer flowing, and set our Squirrel Swag out in front.  After that we still had about a half hour till the games started.  A stark difference from last year, we spent the next half hour tossing a frisbee around instead of scrambling to get ourselves ready.  

Once the games got rolling, the beer started flowing.  Everyone was in a great mood, pairing beer and sports together like only a beer with protein can.  We brought 4 kegs to the event, and left with none, a sure sign of success. Not only was the beer a hit, but people were interested in us as a company.  I’m not sure whether I spent more time pouring beer or explaining our story, where we were based out of, and how we got protein into the beer.  All in all, we were happy to be back at the Entrepreneur Games, and I think all the participants were as well.

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