A #MightyMoment is whatever you define it as

What Constitutes a Mighty Moment?

Mighty is in the eye of the beer-holder!

Our tagline at Mighty Squirrel is “Celebrate Mighty Moments.” And sometimes, people ask us what makes a moment mighty. So, in the spirit of offering you yet more reasons to revel in your own awesomeness, we offer a short list of #MightyMoments you can raise a glass to:

        • Running (or swimming or biking, etc.) a race. This seems like an obvious entrant to the list, but it bears repeating: Any athletic accomplishment is worthy of celebration. Finishing your first (or 10th or 100th) 5K road race, swimming in open water for the first or 9,000th time, biking a big hill, or hiking a mountain are all good reasons to enjoy a Mighty Squirrel afterwards. Even if you didn’t run a single step of the race, didn’t land on the podium, or didn’t set a record, you got out there and did it. So, grab a beer and celebrate your accomplishment!

Going for a run, taking an epic nap, winning the war against the weeds–all of these are examples of #mightymoments worth celebrating!

        • Weeding the garden. A member of the Mighty Squirrel team who shall remain nameless once pulled more than just weeds—she managed to injure her hamstring while gardening. Don’t even try to tell us that ridding the garden of uninvited guests isn’t mighty work. It is, and it’s best finished with a refreshing pint of Mighty Squirrel beer.
        • Sailing around the world. Sure, that might be out of reach for most of us with time and money constraints, but we deeply admire the dedication and commitment a round-the-world trip of 107 days requires. Congrats to Rich Wilson of Marblehead, Mass., for finishing 13th overall in the Vendée Globe solo round the world race last week. At 66 years old, Rich was the oldest competitor in the event, and we think it’s pretty cool to be the superlative competitor in any category of any event.
        • Napping well. Finally getting in that refreshing, epic nap you’ve needed all week can be a particularly refreshing #MightyMoment. Part of being mighty is making sure you’re taking care of yourself. Study after study shows that getting enough sleep is critical to maintaining health and wellness. Besides, the party is always more enjoyable when you’re well rested.
        • Making strides in business. Landing a big client, nailing an important presentation, or breaking into a new market or venture you’ve always wanted to pursue certainly constitutes a #MightyMoment. In work as in play, making a big leap forward is definitely cause for celebration.
        • Reconnecting with old friends. Friends old and new are a critical component of enjoying life, so celebrate those quietly mighty moments when you catch up with folks you haven’t seen in a while. Community is important to health, wellness, and enjoying life; we think it’s well worth celebrating.

A #MightyMoment is whatever you make it!

This list could go on for pages, but suffice it to say, #MightyMoments don’t just reside in athletic prowess or dominance. Rather, they’re as individual as the craft beer lovers who accomplish them. The next time you find yourself wondering whether you’re having a #MightyMoment, the answer is probably “yes.” Thirsty yet?—Elaine K. Howley, Mighty Squirrel Associate Brand Manager

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