Savor a Quietly Mighty Moment

Slowing down and creating can improve your whole week

We all lead such busy, busy lives. Racing here, racing there. Work, family, school, a social life, a digital social life. Where to fit in exercise? How about proper nutrition? What about sleep? It’s a lot. And when our cups runneth over, generally the first thing to go is anything fun, relaxing, or creative. It can be overwhelming to handle all we’re trying to cram into each 24-hour period, and the concept of slowing down to enjoy a little de-stressing time often feels completely out of the question.

But, taking some time out to recharge is critical to maintaining health, wellness, and your own mightiness.

2017-03-21 18.55.54
Attendees enjoy a some serious art making at the WeWork Pint and Paint night

Lest you feel even more stress about not destressing enough, rest assured—turning down the heat on your day doesn’t have to be complicated or onerous. Can you take just 10 minutes to sit quietly and breathe? Maybe on another day, you can find an hour to relax with a book or catch up on your favorite TV show. How about having lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Or taking a moment to do something you WANT to do—play some music or paint a picture? These brief interludes of creativity can do wonders for flushing out some stress, and they can even set you up to perform better tomorrow in all those things you HAVE to do.

2017-03-21 18.56.31

I was reminded of all this firsthand at our WeWork St. James Paint Night last night. After a busy day in the office working, I grabbed a bunch of beer, hopped in an Uber, and headed over to our WeWork sister site about 10 minutes away. By the time I got there, I was tired, out of breath, and spinning from everything going on. Where to set up? How many people would there be? Did I bring enough beer?

2017-03-21 19.22.05
A squirrel homage

Participants began filtering in, and after talking with them about our beer, the event got underway, which means things quieted down. The pleasant calmness of people painting little pictures just for fun cast a spell on the room, and I suddenly felt calmer. Then, I sat down at the table and began painting, too.

2017-03-21 17.43.25
Take a cue from your beer once in a while: Chill out!

In a word, the experience was lovely. We chatted. We laughed. We enjoyed some Mighty Squirrel beer and each other’s unhurried company, and we created bits of art just because we could. The couple of hours we’d set aside for the task positively flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to clean up and head home. Back to our busy lives, but with a small moment of peace in our hearts and a painted token to remind us to slow down now and again.—Elaine K. Howley

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