Something is Always Better Than Nothing

Less really may be more sometimes

The other day, I had a dentist appointment. Not usually a big deal, but the problem with this particular dentist appointment was that it clashed with my regularly scheduled swim practice time. I thought I was going to have to forgo the morning swim in favor of my pearly whites. A shame, too, since my dentist is just a mile down the road from the pool, and I’d have to drive past it both ways.

That’s when I had an idea. If I could manage to get to the pool just before the end of the session, I could probably still log some yards and get in something approximating a workout all on my own. I’m not opposed to swimming on my own when I need to, it’s just when you get used to swimming with a group under the watchful eye of an awesome coach, sometimes it’s hard to motivate to do some distance on your own.

Nevertheless, I tossed my swimming gear in the car and went to the dentist. Afterwards, as I neared the intersection where I could keep going along the road that leads back home or make a simple left turn that would lead me straight into the parking lot, I kind of surprised myself that I unthinkingly flipped my turn signal on and pulled into the pool’s parking lot.

I made it into the water for the last set with the group. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t warmed up properly or that I had missed most of the session, I was still able to get in and swim at my own pace at the back of my regular lane. And when everyone else left, I was stayed a little longer, but didn’t sweat the fact that I’d had a shorter-than-usual workout. At least I managed to get in, get wet, and get moving on a day I might otherwise have skipped swimming altogether.

The moral of the story is, getting creative and finding a solution around what may appear to be a roadblock is a great way to stay on track for meeting your #mighty goals. And it’s in the achievement of these goals that we get to fully enjoy the celebration of a #mightymoment.

What sort of road blocks have you surmounted in your training recently? Let us know in the comments below and let us help you #celebratemightymoments.—Elaine K. Howley


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