My Favorite Squirrel

Behind the Scenes with Mocha Stout

Brewing a great stout is no easy task. There’s a delicate balance of flavors involved in this process specific to the targeted style of stout. Our goal with our Mocha Stout was to create a beer that has our favorite attributes from a couple of different styles of stout, while adding a coffee and mocha twist.


To start, we wanted to impart a lovely creaminess and medium body that is typically found in dry Irish Stouts, while balancing it with just a touch of sweetness common in Milk Stouts. Then comes the challenge of using coffee and chocolate. The key is not letting either of these ingredients overpower each other, but rather using levels of each ingredient that allow both the coffee and chocolate to provide various levels of flavor throughout. So while you may get a touch of chocolaty sweetness on the middle of your tongue, the sweetness is then contrasted with roasty malt and coffee notes on the back of your tongue.

This intricate balance of flavors makes our Mocha Stout my favorite squirrel. Additionally, one of my favorite parts of working in the beer industry is that beer is so subjective. So for me, it’s a lot of fun hearing other people’s descriptions of our beers. So bottoms up and cheers to your favorite squirrel!

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