Salem Harvest Fest 2017

As you may know, Salem, MA is the place to be in October. As a Salem resident myself, the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of tourists can definitely be a bit of a headache during October. However, the uniqueness of the Salem experience in the fall time is truly something special. So when Pamplemousse, a very cool and unique store in their own right, reached out to us here at Mighty Squirrel to be a part of their annual Salem Harvest Fest we were quick to say yes, and this little festival was a blast for both attendees and breweries alike!

Held at the Knights of Colombus right off of Salem Common, the atmosphere was very different from your typical brewfest. Anyone who works in beer knows and dreads a certain type of brewfest. These are the ones that feel like a college frat party gone wrong, or for that matter, that feel like a frat party being a frat party. The Salem Harvest Fest was far from this. Rather, the Harvest Fest felt both festive while also remaining intimate. With around 800 people and two separate sessions spanning the day and night, the Harvest Fest felt more like a really fun party, or a night at a great bar with friends.


It’s not easy to create the balance required for an awesome brewfest, but complete with an array of great breweries and wines, as well as a 3-piece band, Pamplemousse made it happen.

So I’d like to extend my thanks and praise to Pamplemousse for knocking it out of the park once again this year. We look forward to next year’s fest!

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