Glassware: Beer’s Unsung Friend

Glass is honest- what you see is what you get – and important if you want take a peek at what you’re drinking. Especially if that drink is delicious beer. Believe it or not, glassware shape and size influences the perception, color, carbonation and clarity of most beers. Thus, glassware not only makes the beer look good but the correct glass can also enhance your experience and taste too! So if you’re seeking the most maltiness, hoppiness or flavor out of beer, look no further than the cupboard.

Inspired by this, we’ve listed the best ways to enjoy our favorite (Mighty Squirrel) beer.


Kiwi White (Weizen Glass)

Our refreshing belgian white ale boasts copious amounts orange peel with notes of subtle kiwi and mango. This effervescent and enchanting brew is best captured by an authentic Weizen glass. These classy glasses, with their thin walls and length, feature a wheat beer’s color, allows for a fantastic collection of head and locks in the fruity ester aromas of the style. Soon you’ll be kiwi crazed.

  1. Snifter

Mocha Stout (Snifter)

With a delicate balance add of coffee and chocolate, our american milk stout imparts a delicious creaminess, a touch of sweetness and a roasty-toasty coffee note finish. As such, you’ll find a snifter with their tapered mouths, capture the aroma of such a robust beer best. The real challenge here is trying to keep your nose out of the glass for hours.

*For an added bonus trying swirling it around to enhance notes.*


IPA (Nonic, Tumbler, Pint Glass)

Weighing in at 7.2% ABV, 65 IBUs and dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Columbus hops you can’t go wrong serving our bicoastal IPA in any pint glass. Still, a tropical concoction of mango, citrus and papaya notes, along with piney, fruity aromas and a dry finish deserves something unique. With that in mind, we suggest the Libbey Can Glass (also the official Mighty Squirrel Pint Glass). This glass handles just like the can it comes in. With a wide cylindrical bottom and slightly narrow towards the top. Perfect for magnifying the beauty and the aroma of your beer. And like nonic and tumblers, the average size is 16 oz and they help to develop a more substantial head.


Cloud Candy NEIPA (Tulip)

Ever wonder what clouds taste like? True to its name, Cloud Candy is a hazy, deep golden-orange, elegantly soft New England IPA. Double dry-hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra hops. To seize all the aromas of papaya, mango, and starfruit that dominate our juicy IPA, you’ll need a glass equally as complex. For this reason, we suggest the Tulip. Like its namesake, the glass is tulip-shaped and the stemmed design cradles to make the body bulbous. The top then pushes outwards forming a lip creating a fluffy head to the beer. Perfectly designed to deliver liquid straight to the center of the tongue. Use this and you’ll see why our heads are always in the clouds.

There you have it. Glass, the unsung hero of beer!

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