Kiwi Style

A taste of kiwi..

Kiwi White

We are big fans of being bold over here at Mighty Squirrel. We are also big fans of flavor! It seems these days like almost all possibe flavors have been incorporated into beer. From vanilla and peanut butter to watermelon and passionfruit. However, there happens to be one that seems to have escaped a fate of ending up in a beer, at least for the most part. It also happens to be my favorite fruit. Enter the Kiwi.
Our Kiwi White is an amalgamation of a classic refreshing Belgian style with a delicious tropical fruit. Kiwi seems to lend itself to beer. Its combination of being a touch sweet and a bit tart and sour helps to create a very unique beer. We brew our Kiwi White to be a refreshing Belgian Witbier, but also one that is perfect for food pairing. From a citrusy salad to key lime pie, the pairing options are endless.
Outside of food, I’ve found that Kiwi White, like most beer, pairs best with friends, good conversation, and some good tunes! So go ahead and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear what else Kiwi White pairs well with in your life!

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