Mocha Stout S’more!

Mocha Stout S’MORE!

This delicious Mighty Squirrel Mocha Milk Stout dessert is a hit at any holiday party this winter! By combining the three classic S’more ingredients, (Chocolate, Marshmallow and Graham cracker) you can easily create a festive boozy twist on a classic summer treat!

  • Simply start with Mighty Squirrel Mocha Stout, which incorporates Sumatra cold brew coffee and cocoa nibs! Pour into a glass about ¾ of the way up.
  • Then add a heaping spoonful of Marshmallow fluff on top.
  • Next, smash up 1 graham cracker into a fine powder and sprinkle on the Marshmallow fluff.
  • Now comes the fun part, using a crème brûlée torch, fire the graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow fluff until it is golden brown.
  • Once it is toasted to your satisfaction, garnish with chocolate chips or serve with truffles as picture below!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.17.00 AM

This delicious treat compliments the sweet and rich flavors of Mighty Squirrel Mocha Stout but accompanying and enhancing the rich coffee flavors with the raw chocolate, marshmallow and toasted graham cracker.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays


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