Beer: A Modern Day Romance

You can get just about anything you want delivered, and these days, the distance and time between us, and the things we want is growing increasingly shorter. To most, waiting has become a completely archaic concept. With modern technology, the shortest distance between two points is often just a text, email or click away. No one wants to wait for anything; we want it now and right on our doorstep!

Beer is no different. In the art of brewing, it’s all about the waiting game. From milling to mashing to hop boils, every process takes precious labor, love and most of all time. The biggest time constraint of is all is waiting for your precious elixir to ferment. Depending on the brew, fermentation can take as little as two weeks or as long as six months! Waiting is love, and waiting is knowing that you’re patiently creating something spectacular. And as we all know, spectacular things are definitely worth waiting for.

Just recently, a trio of Ohioan ladies made an 800-mile road trip to our Mighty Squirrel Brewery, just to pick up a six-pack! Talk about waiting, patience and really putting the love into it. Not only did these ambitious women make the 800 mile and twelve hour voyage, but they did so to gift Mighty Squirrel beer to her boyfriend! Love is patient ladies and gents, and nothing says ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day like a fresh, crisp, cold pack of Mighty Squirrel!



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