Beer and Food a Match Made in Heaven

The 3 C's


The diamond industry is synonymous with such words as luxury, high end, exquisite.  We’ve all seen How to lose a Guy in 10 Days with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.  What a romantic lifestyle…who didn’t want to go live in NYC and work in advertising after that movie?!  You are probably wondering how this all relates to beer.  Diamond experts use what they call the 4 C’s to grade stones, beer experts use our own measure to pair beer with food and that’s the 3 C’s.  That’s about where the similarities end J.

Our 3 C’s in beer and food pairing is:

Complement – When talking about complementing beer and food, we like to pair items that match in flavor and characteristics.

Cut – This refers to the ability of the beer to be able to slice through the flavor profile of the food.  This is accomplished by using the hop and carbonation characteristics.

Contrast – This idea of contrasting is being able to pair flavors of beer and food that oppose each other but match to bring out the flavors of each other.

Make sure to check back as we break down each of the three C’s in further detail. We will also provide examples on which food pairings work within each style.


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