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The Story of a Massive Storm

The New Year’s northeastern was one for the books! On January 4th, 2018 the greater Boston area received a colossal snowstorm, 13 inches of snow with wind-chill of 35-50 MPH. Not to mention, frozen rivers of ice and snow rapidly flowing through the streets of Boston.

The Squirrel team is basically always on the move, so with this giant snowstorm, we were told to stay off the roads. SNOW DAY!!! (Kind of). While we weren’t able to visit any accounts, we all have plenty of admin projects that have taken a backseat to our day-to-day routines.



My five roommates also had a work from home day and we all tried to get some stuff done and not to distract one another. That morning I tackled my inbox, made a few calls with the team and tied up some loose ends that had been hanging over me for weeks. Feeling pretty accomplished, and somewhat hungry I realized we had no food in the house.  So, I drank a Cloud Candy, updated the website and answered some more emails. As our hunger and cabin fever intensified, we decided to gear up and check out the storm first hand and hit the grocery store. Stepping off the porch I noted a gigantic snowdrift forming in our front yard. This storm was NOT messing around.

My Wisconsin native, roommate Rachel was instantly inspired to drop the store mission and build an igloo. Not willing to negotiate this feeding, I trekked all of .02 miles to our grocery, which took me about four times longer than usual.

I bought fixings for homemade Hawaiian pizza and picked up firewood. The firewood was a bad call because it was super heavy and created that terrible freezing while sweating phenomenon and added another 5 minutes to my journey home.

In the time it took me to buy mozzarella cheese, pizza dough, pineapple, jalapeños and marinara, Rachel researched, concocted and recruited help for a classic impromptu Rachel project. Rachel successfully gained momentum from the rest of our roommates for the labor-intensive phase 1, “snow packing” step of the igloo process.

With Mighty Squirrel beers in hand, the roomies got creative with digging equipment, (given we only had 2 shovels and 6 laborers.) Logically, we employed the fireplace tools, wood planks, and Frisbees to get the job done.

Rachel’s research indicates that in order to make a sturdy igloo you first need to pack down as much snow in a rounded pile as possible. The snowdrift in the front yard served as a perfect starting point. After adding may sled loads of snow to the pile and packing it down firmly, it was time to let it freeze over. (Thank god, pizza time!) I threw together a Hawaiian pizza that was instantly inhaled with a round or two of Kiwi Whites.

After getting some more work done while letting the snow mound freeze, it was time to dig out the center. At this point, it was 5:30 PM, completely dark and significantly colder.  After adding extra layers, we realized we probably could use a sweater for our insides, aka mocha stout. With Mocha in tow, we got busy digging through the snow mound.  Rachel had a stick system where she pierced the snow mound approximately 8 inches deep in the snow, so while digging from the inside we would know when to stop as to not create weak walls (she was not messing around with this thing.)

After hours of digging we finally were able to all fit in this snug little winter squirrel den. After one more Mocha stout we called it a day. I definitely fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow that night. The next morning I walked out to head back on the road for work, to find Rachel adding finishing touches to the igloo, first thing in the morning, while of course sipping a mocha stout.

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