Mighty Squirrel Presents: The Perfect Pour

Old habits die hard. For some it’s biting nails, for others –cat videos! (just one more..) Here at Mighty Squirrel we’re not prefect. In fact, we’re firm adopters of the “Do You!” philosophy. With the ONE exception, pouring beers. We take it seriously.

Now pouring beer sounds pretty simple, right? Well, turns out the popular “no foam” method you might have grown up with, is not the best. So if you’re interested in kicking this “old” habit out of your life and pouring the perfect pint, check out these simple steps.

It starts with two hands!

Whether it’s a bottle or draft, you want to use two hands; one hand holds the glass, the other manipulates the bottle or faucet.

It’s all in the angle!

Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle below the faucet or bottle, and make sure they don’t touch.

The Pour!

At this point, the beer should flow freely, striking the side of the glass with little to no foam.


As the beer fills about 2/3 of the glass, slowly and steadily shift the pour down the middle to create the head. Stopping when the glass is full. This finished product: a nice ample, enduring head (somewhere between 0.5 to 1.0 inch thick) that releases tiny bubbles of aroma and a beer that taste as good as it looks.


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