Cloud Candy IPA

New England Style India Pale Ale

A hazy, deep golden-orange color with aromas of papaya, mango, and starfruit and a smooth and crisp finish.

6.5% ALC/VOL

Double Dry-hopped with: Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo


India Pale Ale

Tropical with mango, citrus and papaya notes, and a piney, fruity aroma.

7.2% ALC/VOL, 65 IBUs

Malt: 2-Row Pale, Light Munich, CaraPils, CaraMunich
Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Columbus


Mocha Stout

Milk Stout

Dark, rich, toasty, and creamy with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee.

6.7% ALC/VOL

Malt: 2-Row Pale, Caramel, Black, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Hops: Warrior, Goldings


Kiwi White

Belgian White Ale

Refreshing with orange peel and notes of kiwi and mango.

5.0% ALC/VOL

Our Ingredients


We use pure, delicious water.


Malted Barley

We brew our beers with the highest quality malted barley, which is the primary source of the beer’s color and contributes significantly to its flavor and mouthfeel. We do not use adjuncts such as rice, corn, enzymes, or sugars.

What is malted barley? Barley grains are made to germinate by soaking in water and are then halted from germinating further by drying with hot air. By malting the barley grains, the enzymes are developed that are required for modifying the grain’s starches into fermentable sugars during the brewing process.



Hops are the female flowers of hop plants, which balance the sweetness of malted barley and offer different levels of bitterness, complex taste profiles, and wonderful aromas.



Yeast metabolizes the sugars from the malt in anaerobic or low-oxygen conditions to produce alcohol. Our yeast produces rich, full-bodied beers.

How It’s Made


Malted barley is ground up in the Mill and added to warm water in the Mash Tun, causing starches in the malt to convert to fermentable sugars. The resulting liquid is called wort.


After the spent grain is separated from the wort in the Lauter Tun, the remaining liquid is boiled at different temperatures in the Wort Kettle for various lengths of time and hops are added, both of which create a unique flavor and aroma profile. The spent grain is rich in protein, so the local cattle love it!


The wort is cooled and transferred to the Fermenting Tank where yeast metabolizes the sugars from the malt in anaerobic or low-oxygen conditions to produce alcohol over the course of about a week. The wort is now beer and is transferred to the Lagering Tank where it matures for about three weeks.


Mighty Squirrel is filtered, bottled, packaged, and sent to stores!

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