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Taproom events faq

  • Thank you for reaching out and thinking of us to host your private event!

    • We do offer part of our taproom as special event space, as well as our patios. Generally speaking, the area is best for groups of 35 or more and can accommodate up to 200. The rates for the special event taproom booking depends on the day, the timing (day vs evening) and the size of your party.  While there is no fee for the space, there is a minimum spend that you would be charged for the booked hours. Naturally, the daytime bookings during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have lowest minimums, while evenings on Thursdays - Fridays are the more expensive.

  • Food & Catering

    • We offer single food items from our retail shop for purchase which include: authentic Australian meat pies, jumbo pretzels, pita chips & hummus, and tortilla chips & guacamole - they're delicious!

    • You’re also more than welcome to bring any outside food to the taproom. In fact, there’s a tons of great local restaurants that deliver to the brewery too.  We can also help you setup food options though caterers that we have worked with in the past. Just let us know how we can help!  Plus, you can often find food trucks here on Friday - Sun. Check out our social media for which trucks we'll be hosting.

  • Live Events

    • Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday evenings we book live events starting at 7P. So we would only be able to accommodate events before 7P as to not interfere with our current scheduling. In addition, Thursday - Saturdays, are high traffic days and we limited the start times for each particular day.

  • Space & Noise

    • Our special event area is part of an open space of the taproom floor. Although, we can section off the area to become private, will not be able to control the noise level. After sunset, we dim down our lights and the noise level does increases due to the number of people.

  • Children

    • We are a family friendly brewery and children of all ages are welcome as long as they stay with a guardian at all times during their visit.

    • If you are considering having an event, we still have to count young children/infants into our capacity count to follow fire code. Also, need to provide you with room for strollers and carriers which ultimately reduces the amount of space for the general public.

  • Patio

    • We can add the patio use to your event space too! Please let us know if you would like pricing without or without the patio or have any questions.

  • Tables 

    • If you're looking for a more causal option, we offer several picnic style tables in the taproom - perfect for groups!  Although we do not take reservations for tables (everything is on a first come first serve basis), you're more that welcome to see what tables are available.