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Thanks for your interest in visiting the brewery! We are not taking reservations at this time. Our indoor taproom and patios are open for walk-up bar service and first come, first serve seating. We look forward to having you join us! For more information and general info check out the FAQs below.


While we do not currently take table reservations, we offer private events for large groups. Please visit our Private Events page for more details on booking an event.


We share this park with other tenants and businesses. Not all parking spots are ours. To be courteous

to our neighbors, we ask that you PLEASE park your vehicle in the areas highlighted in green below.

Many thanks for your support here!

  • Playing and Scoring
    Check in: Please have one member of each team ('Scribe') register the team at: All questions will display at the URL and your chosen scribe will submit your team's answers. Trivia: The game has 14 questions and lasts about 60 minutes. The game has two rounds of seven Qs. You’ll have ~45 secs to submit an answer. The quicker you submit, the more points you’ll score. Round one Qs start at 100 points, and the final Q is 200 points. Round two starts with a Daily Double question: wager all, some, or none of your points. Then 5 questions worth 200 points, and a final question worth 400 points. Submitting answers: Submit the answers at:
  • Prizes
    The top three teams will win prizes! 1st place: $25 Mighty Squirrel Gift Card 2nd place: $15 Mighty Squirrel Gift Card 3rd place: $10 Mighty Squirrel Gift Card (Please note: Gift Cards are intended for future use at our location.)
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