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Trivia Overview

Calling all trivia lovers! Join us for trivia live in the taproom at 7 PM EST each Wednesday. Taproom Trivia is team format game consisting of both multipole choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Game is free to play and top three team win Mighty Squirrel Gift Cards.

Register your team & play: 
  • Playing and Scoring
    Check in: Please have one member of each team ('Scribe') register the team at: All questions will display at the URL and your chosen scribe will submit your team's answers. Trivia: The game has 14 questions and lasts about 60 minutes. The game has two rounds of seven Qs. You’ll have ~45 secs to submit an answer. The quicker you submit, the more points you’ll score. Round one Qs start at 100 points, and the final Q is 200 points. Round two starts with a Daily Double question: wager all, some, or none of your points. Then 5 questions worth 200 points, and a final question worth 400 points. Submitting answers: Submit the answers at:
  • Prizes
    The top three teams will win prizes! 1st place: $25 Mighty Squirrel Gift Card 2nd place: $15 Mighty Squirrel Gift Card 3rd place: $10 Mighty Squirrel Gift Card (Please note: Gift Cards are intended for future use at our location.)
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